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    whats going on with the show?
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    Kimberly Ann
    its not Kimberly Ann its jj
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    Grant Cooper
    Pretty much John Oliver 1.0 An unfunny media sellout with a one-sided argument that claims they know the answers with their "fact checking".
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    Grant Cooper
    +John Circe Ah now that's a comedian I'd listen to. Thanks!
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    Sam Milano
    Screw this colbert dude. He's bought out. Look at his face! He's going to hell, ruining the minds of young naive people with his cheap comedy...
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    +avedic Great advice.  Sometimes we all have to let off some steam, however.
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    The Podesta emails from Wikileaks reveal Colbert is directly instructed by politicians on what to put on his show:
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    Robert de Brus
    So you mean it is okay for Democrats to have cozy relationships between media and govt but when Trump does it, it is not okay.
    Has any one of you reactionary braniacs actually bothered to research 5 mins into this? The email is from Craig Minassian, who is CGI's Chief Communication Officer. He is also a consultant and producer for Comedy Central. CGI has media partnerships with several television networks. Craig Minassian has portfolios of prepared partly-created stories, features, editorials they can discuss and potentially choose to complete. This is a politically oriented comedy/satire entertainment show on Comedy Central. OF COURSE they have a political leaning and OF COURSE they may take advice from their favored politicians... People like Craig Minassian spend day in and day out figuring out how to make the most impactful stories be shown in all the most impactful places. It's strategy, part of every major campaign, and not surprising in the least. I mean, the Cinton Foundation About page tells you exactly what the dude does... Every little thing you learn isn't some hidden shocking truth. Stop being naive.
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    dragon model
    fake news is saying you might be canceled because no one watches you. Is that false?
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    Pooka Land
    Fake news says that fake news is fake news. Who's lying? The journalist or the NY liberal Soros' paid comedian? 100+ millions listeners a week compared to 100k a month. Stephen (Col-bert) loses
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    daniel vance
    Nasaq Licos
    Are you gonna talk about the riots ?
    Please stop being lazy with the playlists, just create them the moment the last video of the respective episode is online :)
    Kame Bastard
    So, you think you can block my Ad Blocker? Well fuck you bitch, it is called unsubscribed. Go Fuck Yourselves!
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    Kame Bastard
    +ButtHurt Libtards Joy Wow, with a name like that I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck you are doing here. Well, besides acting like a total fag
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    richard martink
    whos laughing now colbert??
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    Prabhanjan D
    The rest of the world.
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    Eli No
    It's truly disappointing when someone you respect proves unequivocally they are absolute fucking trash. I honestly wish your grand parents died so you never existed. Scum like you is why america is fucking dying. Enjoy introducing the american people to death. Fucking trash.
    Robot Arm
    I think you meant to post this on Trump's channel.
    Chomas Poséd (Composed)
    How dare he... did he actually defend MILO???????
    Gori Ji
    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :P
    Joe Gallop
    ricky thinks he is clever but he is really not. a thousand years from now our basic moral code wont change.. stealing will still be stealing a thousands years from now because i doubt we'll evolve into a utopian society where there is no "need" to steal
    Lucymum Vanpeltmum
    Colbert's mother is a bitch.
    Is Slick Willy related to him?
    Kevin Gillihan
    Way to sell out Colbert.
    Krot Ingty
    Relentlessly attacking more than half the American people, every friday night! (also makes jokes about 1400% rise in rape crimes in sweden).. And Trump is offensive?
    mike wenzel
    LOL. There is NO 1400% rise in rape crimes in Sweden. Its a lie Donald Trump heard on Fox news. And YES Donald Trump is Offensive.. Like all the times.
    Super Sonic
    Why does youtube just happen to always have this on the homepage of youtube?
    It amazes me how ungrateful people are. People should remember the sacrifices Russian made in World War 2! 20.000.000 million people died (including soldiers) to free the world from Nazi Germany. 20 million!
    Rodrigo Basoalto C.
    Upload the mono in just one video please :)
    Don't split up the monologue please
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