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    Do you have your "male" staff castrated? Have you ever considered renaming the channel to CuckFeed?
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    I prefer them to rename themselves AssFeed.
    castro sherwood
    Gavin McInnes is a hairy Christian hipster, and an idiot.
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    Let Them Have History
    Unsubscribed from you sexists
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    In all honesty, any word with "ist" is what buzzfeed is now
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    Canadian Owl
    Why don't you enable the comments and like/dislike bar on your manspreading video? I'm sure we all love to see you being exposed for your stupidity.
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    Kevin C
    +yiu chan there are idiots out there who havent found this channel yet tust me there are more than 11 million
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    Vinny Mac
    Way to disable comments and ratings on your "manspreading" video. Cowards.
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    The Real Goose Man
    Wrong! Femenists don't have feelings!!
    oh my, I might hurt the feelings of a strong feminist
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    Johann Reed
    Buzzfeed, why so racist?
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    Speedy Gonzalez
    +Doctor Awesome22 i think u mean succ
    How dare you speak to your superior like that.
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    Jimmy Rustled
    Breaking news....everyone at Buzzfeed are convicted pedophiles, Russia has proof. Making up news is so much fun.
    John Dawson
    I doubt it considering they have forced police to reopen a paedophile case ... Some people just can,t help their verbal diarrhoea can they ..
    Splendido Splendente
    I wouldn't be suprised if that was false, tho.
    Adolf Kitler
    Buzzfeed hates white men.
    Something. I Can't Remember.
    +Tobias Geis What about mutual hatred?
    Tobias Geis
    The inferior always hate the superior mein flufführer
    There are only two genders
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    Are mutations not a normal phenomenon of evolution? They occur all over, so technically any mutation is normal in a sense...
    Superfishman 32
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    Martinus Nygård
    why cant i even dislike the manspreading video? cant you take any critique?
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    Reggie Brightside
    They are in their safe-space!
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    Romeo Frankenstein
    Why is buzzfeed promote an anti white agenda?
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    Reggie Brightside
    And I hate Liberals!
    Billyharris110 :D (Youtube channel on haitus)
    +jinx™ Yeah, it doesn't MATTER if they are a minority. Ever tthink of that? It matters if they are rich or poor. And the people in these videos are definitely not near homeless
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    Samantha Mize
    thanks buzzfeed for teaching me to hate feminism
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    Kevin Torres
    the world would be a better place with people like you
    OMG this comment is so false and legendary :D
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    Psoriasis Buddy (Jon Maddison)
    I'm a reasonable open minded person but I have made up my mind about this channel. It is bigoted, ignorant, hateful, sexist and racist. Your producers and video participants should be ashamed of themselves.
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    I think they were joking......
    Psoriasis Buddy (Jon Maddison)
    Calling out people on producing diabolical videos is far from being "triggered", or is it you who is triggered by my comment? There is a slight whiff of the SJW about you but I can't be certain...
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    Your videos gave me cancer.
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    Reggie Brightside
    Know any good mixers for a Bleach cocktail?
    Ben Hunter
    Drinking bleach helps me get through the videos. BuzzFeed is the most carcinogenic thing on the internet.
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    Mike Jarrett
    Good luck keeping your whitehouse press pass, jesus christ, even stephen glass has more credibility than you.
    Mike Jarrett
    +havocmaster69 For real?
    Its gone.
    You "people" should be ashamed of yourselves.You are the reason why so many liberals voted for Donald Trump
    Thanks to milo, our country is safe from a president like Hillary
    it really wasn't them as much as the DNC blackmailing Sanders and making Clinton beat him. If Sanders beat Clinton then I would have voted for the bern.
    BuzzFeed jumping headfirst into the fake news game eh? Ha, not shocking, careful you might end up like MTV soon!
    Samantha Dunick
    brian s.
    HE WON! thank you america, you finally snapped out of it. THESE SNOWFLAKES WILL BE MELTED. DRAIN THE SWAMP
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    guess who won the elections?
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    Something. I Can't Remember.
    Elections plural? That'll take a while.
    Speedy Gonzalez
    +IndigoPerson the walking wall
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