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    Do you have your "male" staff castrated? Have you ever considered renaming the channel to CuckFeed?
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    miko Dafoot
    They need to see what a man looks like instead of lefty Cucks. Perhaps they should check out Gavin McInnes(The Godfather of hipsterdom) at Rebel Media
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    Haha Buzzfeed wants you to vote for a lying criminal.
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    Something. I Can't Remember.
    ...Donald Trump?
    Yul Hubbart
    +jinx™ A good place to start would be the money that the Clinton Foundation was given which was supposed to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake - and her attempted bribery of Haitian officials. That will make some interesting research for you - and that's just a start.
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    There are only two genders
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    Gus Perez
    Using savages as a guide for modern science proves you are a moron . Only male and female are normal . Anything else is a mutation which is abnormal 100% of scientist agree on that.
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    ricard modo
    Did you assume people genders in that manspreading video?
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    Lake Sarah
    buzzfeed just got buzzfed
    Vinter Vareich
    yES!! THIS IS GOLD!! ;D ;D ;D
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    Ivan N
    Buzzfeed = cancer itself
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    Matthew Fries Gollwitzer (Cole)
    You shouldn't disrespect cancer like that.
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    Let Them Have History
    Unsubscribed from you sexists
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    Matthew Fries Gollwitzer (Cole)
    The comedy in this is that they are turning women into fat men, so that they can hate on actual fat men. lol
    Gus Perez
    BUZZFEED is racist CUCK central that speaks volumes !
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    Johann Reed
    Buzzfeed, why so racist?
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    Jaroslav Záruba
    why? because the left?
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    Vinny Mac
    Way to disable comments and ratings on your "manspreading" video. Cowards.
    Jamie Wilkerson
    Ayee, what a surprise to see you here, I used to watch all your videos! Glad to see you're still around
    Peyton DiGregory
    Still waiting for questions white people have for black people
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    DatPurpleDrank BOii
    exactly Linus, everyone knows that every race except white's are incapable of racism and all whites are racist. it's just a fact
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    Canadian Owl
    Why don't you enable the comments and like/dislike bar on your manspreading video? I'm sure we all love to see you being exposed for your stupidity.
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    Dario Zanze
    +Gus Perez Could you please form a sentence that has a meaning?
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    There's only two genders. White people can experience racism. Women are equal in America. Triggered yet?
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    Speedy Gonzalez
    the truth is triggering to sjws
    No one will.
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    Jimmy Rustled
    Breaking news....everyone at Buzzfeed are convicted pedophiles, Russia has proof. Making up news is so much fun.
    Splendido Splendente
    I wouldn't be suprised if that was false, tho.
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    Kevin C
    +yiu chan there are idiots out there who havent found this channel yet tust me there are more than 11 million
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    Romeo Frankenstein
    Why is buzzfeed promote an anti white agenda?
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    Billyharris110 :D (Youtube channel on haitus)
    +jinx™ Yeah, it doesn't MATTER if they are a minority. Ever tthink of that? It matters if they are rich or poor. And the people in these videos are definitely not near homeless
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    Your videos gave me cancer.
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    Ben Hunter
    Drinking bleach helps me get through the videos. BuzzFeed is the most carcinogenic thing on the internet.
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    Martinus Nygård
    why cant i even dislike the manspreading video? cant you take any critique?
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    Comments are disabled too cuz the feminazis need a safe space
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    Buzzfeed is more sexist and prejudice than Trump.
    Radicrash (Superboy1006)
    You lost.
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    Brother Malachai
    I also like this comment.
    It is in fact, the peanut house.
    I like this comment
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    Samantha Mize
    thanks buzzfeed for teaching me to hate feminism
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    Kevin Torres
    the world would be a better place with people like you
    OMG this comment is so false and legendary :D
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    Psoriasis Buddy (Jon Maddison)
    I'm a reasonable open minded person but I have made up my mind about this channel. It is bigoted, ignorant, hateful, sexist and racist. Your producers and video participants should be ashamed of themselves.
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    I think they were joking......
    Psoriasis Buddy (Jon Maddison)
    Calling out people on producing diabolical videos is far from being "triggered", or is it you who is triggered by my comment? There is a slight whiff of the SJW about you but I can't be certain...
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