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    Kyle Ease
    That smile..that smile looks evil. 
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    Billy C
    I thought he meant KAC's evil smile. lol
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    Ryan Walker
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    Go back to worldstar and watch a fight comp/
    Ryan Walker
    well we all really dont know for sure that she is a female...
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    Jager VonKruger
    In "Mike Pence Pretends Donald Trump Isn't His Running Mate: A Closer Look" You chopped up clips of Mr.Trump and lied. This is why I don't watch Late Night anymore.
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    Jager VonKruger
    +TheGeniuschrist Excellent, for a minute there I thought you'd be just another slack off piece of internet garbage with no backbone or social skills.
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    Graeme Walker
    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???
    im so excited for Leah this weekend!!!!
    Chadwick Culver
    everytime i see this show i see a pair of ass cheeks and Seth Meyers kissing them, he is probably the most annoying and unfunny contacted human i have ever seen and is the star of a late show.
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    Billy C
    Then why do you keep watching it?
    Chadwick Culver
    i dont understand your point +Gregory Newell 
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    Ashley Murphy
    Can't wait for your show Seth!!! <3
    Late Night with Seth Meyers
    Me too! :)
    Kuchi Saké
    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???
    I can see it's on the actual webpage but can't watch it cuz I'm Canada >_>
    just another john oliver knock off
    who's messing with the playlists, and why? i use those playlists.
    Lori BE
    Used to adore Seth aka SNL his team/writers not so funny anymore. Seth Meyers please back off constantly talking with majority of celebs about kids, just cause you had one? Don't make this show all about your EGO. YAWN boring show now. Fred Armisen has the BEST stories!!! Thanks -> PVR fast forward's
    The Banter
    Seth Meyers: Get the hell off of Late Night. Maybe, you should also spend a few weeks watching Johnny Carson, or Jay Leno. They'll show how it's supposed to be done. Your shitty talk show is a farce. A mere rip off of the worthless Comedy Channel. It's not humor. You're just trying to push your own political agenda.
    YO...SETH...If you (DON'T) want to make America great again ...... you should stay off the radar. People do notice Libtard behavior. You're not funny. Trump is our only hope of saving this country. It's funny that our ( FOUNDING FATHERS)were wild and crazy guys. Just like Trump. That's what it took to start this country. That's what it's going to take to save this country. Shame on you Seth Meyers. Quit throwing us under the bus.
    Alaric The Great
    Evil Talmudic filthy jew
    seth is a pathetic little man.
    Billy C
    Then why are you on this page? No one is forcing you.
    Shacktackle Boombaby
    This asshole will be out of a job within 2 years.
    Congratulations Meyers. You went all in with your support of Crooked Hillary and mocked Trump with your lousy attempt at humor. Don't think we the silent majority didn't notice. Well, you lost the election and half your audience as well. Hopefully your TV slot will open up for somebody with talent. Go Trump!
    Billy C
    No, it's just Hillary. Crooked Trump. But why are you here if you are no longer a viewer? lol
    Sunny Bhardwaj
    Hi Seth, Please show more of Jill Stein, maybe an exclusive interview. 21 Days remaining and HE and SHE are not the options obviously. YOU have the power to turn this around. Do it for America and let them decide, please!!!
    Hernan Guaycochea
    i miss watching SnL .. i cant watch it here and neither in tv :l ... i could say thanks Gumshoos