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    Irish Wolf
    There's so much talk about Trump and Clinton and Rubio and Cruz. Blah blah blah. Clearly, the president of the United States is right here. Ladies and Gentlemen, President Thomas Sanders. Vote Thomas Sanders: he'll make the country a happier place. <3
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    Irish Wolf
    No. I'm saying if he were to be president or ever wanted to, he'd make America amazing.
    Are you assuming Thomas would actually want that job, run by people in the sidelines?
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    Hi Thomas, listen my name is rachel hamilton, im 12 years old (2015) and im from scotland, u probably hear this alot but i love you and when i say that it means i would die for you, you are the best viner, youtuber and person alive, you have helped me through my tuff and sad times, always no matter what put a smile on my face and have inspired me to be an actress and singer when im older :) my long life wish is to meet you in person and no matter what i will always love you, i cant go 5 minutes without seeing a photo vine or video of you, you are my life and thats never going to change, you probaly wont read this but if you do then you would make me the happiest girl in the world, im a fander, part of the fanders army and know everything about you (almost) your fave colour is red your fave song is orange coloured sky by nat king cole and your fave animals are cheetahs ik this is alot of reading and you hate reading but ik you LOVE reading fan comments i would say more but im to lazy to type it so byee love you and peace out thomas :) XXxxxxx
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    im subscribed to u fandersfangirl also i hav over 2000 pokemon cards and im a pikachu
    +DarkMode Gamez quiz me bruh im way bigger than u
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    Thomas is the definition of talent. :) 
    Hailstorm Death
    Thomas, please upload a video with every vine you have ever created
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    maximilian freedom
    that would take 4 ever
    lul not funny kys
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    I have found my favorite person in the world. Thomas, you are hereby deemed the Vine King. Now, make a green crown with a white 'V' and wear it in your vines.
    Does Not Compute
    Why haven't I discovered you earlier!!! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!
    vine is dead you filthy fucking normies lulululululululul how does it feel
    Altitude Gaming
    ikr and now were waiting on the September one too
    Brandon W
    Hey all of the good people left on the internet please like this comment so that Thomas can see it. Thomas you probly don't know me but I've seen a lot of your vine/ig videos and you'd be surprised how much we have in common. I like Disney musicals and I under stand all of your references in most of your vines and videos also I've been going through so me very trubling times and it allmost feels like you have been there for me the intire time so I'd just like to take the time to tell you all of this and you were one of the people who inspired me to act. If you see this please send me a sc@ wadding.brandon it would make my life you are my idol and I'm soo happy that your chance has been there. Btw vine can go #### themselves because your talent is way better than just vines. :)
    I am SO sad that he stopped making videos. Or is he busy? I just miss him! 3>
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    +Gay Macfaggot Thank you. ^,.,^
    lul kys
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    Dear lawdy I love this man.
    Oh I love your Weather in Florida Vine So Much Because I live in Florida and It is so false how you put it!! And Also I love you so Much and I Love all of your vines your such a young (Well your way older than me) handsome man I hope you the best of luck!!<3 Here is a lucky charm * hands you the lucky charm * >v< -Desirea Sluder
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    Oblivious Fantasy633
    +iDevil Lol. The weather video was pretty funny.
    In Gainsville I think..
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    Lara Butler
    So uh... hey Tom. Can I call you Tom? ...anyways, um, I'm not even sure that you read any of these, but I guess I just wanna say on behalf of every single person you cheer up, thank you. I love what you do, I know so many others do. I only really found you today (I don't have Vine), but already you've made me feel 15 times better. What you do, with the vines and the videos and really just the interactions you have with the Fanders, it's all amazing. You make people feel so much better, You make me laugh and smile. Thomas Sanders, you're onto a good thing. Keep at it, man.
    Persia Carrow
    thomas ur awesomely amazing
    Persia Carrow
    that made sense
    Janet Dow
    omg i follow u on vine i love u so much keep it coming thomas
    Venla Ingi
    We need to see Anxiety popping up wearing Romans red sash. Thank you.
    Jess Nope
    Cony Blook
    When vine closes you cometo youtube
    Scott Cook
    THOMAS! DO A FULL VERSION OF "WAVING THROUGH A WIDOW" PLEASE! Seriously.. your 7 second version is better than any of the full covers on Смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве HD бесплатно.
    For some reason, I can imagine a Bambi inspired Disney Prank with friends. Thomas going up to someone and then touching their nose with his nose, and then saying, "Flower" X/////3
    Ask March Eridan Ampora
    You are a precious cupcake along with Markiplier the cinnamon roll that's to pure for this world. Keep being yourself!
    Grace Nern
    Thomas. You are literally my favorite person right now. You always make me smile whenever I have a bad day. Your voice is freakin' insane, and you are so hilariously funny. This is an awkward comment. I'm awkward. So, anyway, thanks. Bye :)